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Embracing the Power of Collective Wisdom to Shape our Society

In a world craving harmony, Oasis Center aspires for transformative path towards a more compassionate, cooperative, and just society. By embracing the power of collective wisdom, we can shape a society where compassion and cooperation reign supreme, creating a world where justice and harmony flourish for all.

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Roots of Abraham

By viewing exhibits that teach us about each other’s faith traditions and learning about the practices of our respective faiths, we hope to increase our understanding and respect for all the Abrahamic religions. Prophet Abraham championed the concept of monotheism and uniquely enjoys the unanimous admiration of the three major faith traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be an oasis of hope and compassion in the Houston community, providing where people can come together regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or identities. We strive to empower individuals through education, and open dialogue, promoting empathy and understanding across all divides. Through a shared vision we hope to create a world where all people are seen, heard, and valued for who they are, and where differences are celebrated as opportunities for growth and connection.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Interfaith Iftar Dinner

05:00:PM - 06:00:PM


Unleashing Ethical AI

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM


Echoes of Justice: Learning from Imam Hussain’s Timeless Stand Against Inequality

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM


The Key to Overcoming Resistance to Reform

Emotional Mastery: Harnessing the Powers of Intellect, Anger, Desire, and Imagination – An Islamic Perspective

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM


Roadmap to Successful Relationships

12:00:PM - 02:00:PM


Experience a journey of discovery, learning, and transformation

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM


Emotional Intelligence at Work

11:00:AM - 01:00:PM


Meet & Greet Parvez Agwan – Running for Congressional District 07

04:00:PM - 05:30:PM


Timeless Wisdom: Practical Applications of Nahjul Balagha in Modern Life

11:00:AM - 04:00:PM


Meet and Greet IBA Karachi Team

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM


Mental Health First Aid Training

10:00:AM - 06:00:PM


The Power of Empathy

11:00:AM - 01:00:PM


Compassion for Self

02:00:PM - 04:00:PM


Building Integrity in Relationships

04:00:PM - 06:00:PM


Empathy in Conflict Resolution

02:00:PM - 04:00:PM


Is Pluralism Compatible With Islamic Creed

01:30:PM - 03:30:PM


Book Conversation – Who Moved My Cheese!

11:00:AM - 01:00:PM



10:00:AM - 06:00:PM


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Melting Moments: Savoring Life’s Chocolate Bar

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My Dwindling Metaphorical Chocolate Bar

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Embracing Critical Thinking: The Key to Overcoming Resistance to Reform

Embracing Critical Thinking: The Key to Overcoming Resistance to Reform

By Hasnain Walji Ph.D. Throughout history, prophets and reformers have delivered powerful messages promoting equality, justice, truthfulness, and peaceful coexistence. These fundamental teachings, divinely ordained, were meant to guide humanity towards a better world....

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