Echoes of Justice: Learning from Imam Hussain’s Timeless Stand Against Inequality

August-05-2023 - August-05-2023

11:00:AM - 01:30:PM



 Join us for a compelling panel discussion centered on Imam Hussain (AS) whose stand against oppression provides timeless lessons in social justice. Our panel of esteemed scholars will delve into Imam Hussain's principles of human rights, ethics, and moral courage, translating these profound teachings into our modern contexts. This dialogue is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of social justice, drawing inspiration from Imam Hussain's legacy to foster a fairer and more compassionate society.

Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi is a British scholar and religious leader with a research interest in Islamic philosophy, mysticism, and comparative religion.

Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala is an American academic with a research interest in women's contributions to Islamic doctrine, practice, and devotional piety.